Best broker for ninjatrader. Mar 19, - I've been out of the game for a few years while I was in med school. I used to trade on NinjaTrader and was developing strategies there. I'm very comfortable with the platform. What's the best FX broker for NT these days? Ideally someone with a free feed so I can back test for a couple weeks. I'm in the  Please recommend Futures Broker and Platform.

Best broker for ninjatrader

Introducci?n y Visi?n General de NinjaTrader (Plataforma y Brokerage)

Best broker for ninjatrader. Here's an interesting history lesson, though. Futures trading history is as simple as understanding the concept of farmers planting crops every spring, and then, every fall, farmers harvesting grain and locking in prices early in the season, rather than later. In fact, farmers were originally the ones who taught Wall Street how to.

Best broker for ninjatrader

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