Forex growth bot 1 8 best settings. May 3, - I used Forex Growth Bot from 1/8/ and 31/12/, judging by the figures I had been given this should have been sufficient. Leaving it untouched with . After a good start (1st month) the Growthbot proceeded to trade way in excess of my settings and even the default settings. By day 8 of second month.

Forex growth bot 1 8 best settings

Forex Growth Bot review TRUTH REVEALED

Forex growth bot 1 8 best settings. If you restart MT4 while a trade is open, Forex Growth Bot may lose control over that trade once you re-open it back up, thus it may be ideal to close or monitor any open trades if this occurs. Installation Instructions: Before installing Forex Growth Bot you need to: 1) Sign up with a broker. 2) Install Meta Trader 4 Platform.

Forex growth bot 1 8 best settings

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