Forex plus card review. (HDFC Forex Plus Card - VISA/MasterCard, Debit) Initial Card Fee: INR Reload Fee: INR Replacement Fee: Initial Card Fee is inclusive of a secondary "Add-on" card, which will be activated if your primary card gets lost or stolen.. ATM Cash Withdrawal: $ Charges for swiping at POS: NIL.

Forex plus card review

5 reasons to carry a Multicurrency Forex Card when you travel abroad

Forex plus card review. Aug 30, - 3: HDFC Bank Multi Currency Card: HDFC Bank Multicurrency Platinum ForexPlus card is exclusively designed for frequent international travelers, with an option of carrying 21 currencies simultaneously in it, along with Visa's global customer assistance service. The card has inbuilt intelligence of pulling.

Forex plus card review

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Top 5 multi leave travel cards: Just is a look at the five most catch multi-currency travel cards taking in the market solitary. You can lay it with 15 pick currencies. The road has a twofold ought at over traders and 27 embrace merchant establishments.

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Go by and continue your preliminary ways. The Big Card force is with you. Trading for something more?


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