Iraqi dinar on forex international trading. The great Iraqi dinar scam, in which con artists peddle the false hope of a massive revaluation of the Iraqi dinar, seems to be finally dying out. That makes the time right for one of the architects of the scheme to make some more money, this time writing a book about her road to riches. [ ] Tags: Central Bank of Iraq (CBI).

Iraqi dinar on forex international trading

When the Iraqi Dinar Revalues you can exchange it like a Global Currency

Iraqi dinar on forex international trading. Mar 24, - I often get calls asking about the Iraqi dinar. Initially, I just dismissed the questions and put-off the requests, informing clients and other investors that we don't employ or recommend currency-based strategies. At the time, this was the result of only superficial research. However, after a recent question about.

Iraqi dinar on forex international trading

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