Axis bank isic forex card. Some of the popular pre-paid cards offered by HDFC include the ForexPlus Card, Hajj Umrah ForexPlus Card (for Hajj & Umrah Pilgrims), ForexPlus Chip Card, ForexPlus Platinum Card, Multi Currency Platinum ForexPlus Chip Card, ISIC Student ID ForexPlus Chip Card, etc. Axis Bank. Another leading bank to offer you.

Axis bank isic forex card

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Axis bank isic forex card. Charges for swiping at POS: NIL Cross Currency-charges: % URL: Availability: Nearest IDBI Branch Daily ATM Withdrawal limit: $20, (Check before you buy) AXIS BANK (Travel Currency Card - VISA, Debit) Initial Card Fee: INR + 16 (Tax).

Axis bank isic forex card

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