B3 forex ea. Jun 21, - Blessing 3 is one of the numerous products that J Talon LLC has developed for automated Forex trading. Ratz Trap, Evolution, Hedge the Hedge are just three of their Expert Advisors. However, Blessing 3 proved to be their most successful robot. Update (): Do not use this EA. We got complaints that it  ?Customer Reviews · ?My Encounter with · ?Conclusion · ?Older Reviews.

B3 forex ea

Most Profitable Forex EA Latest 2017 *Absolutely No Loss*

B3 forex ea. From detailed backtesting this month alone the B3 EA put out a 30% increase despite the % losing buy orders, that's pretty good!! Do you know of any way to disable buy orders in this EA? Could someone edit the EA if not to enable or disable buys or sells so that way the EA does only the ones we want.

B3 forex ea

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