Broker call rate. Jun 4, - Hello Missy, I need a detailed description of the broker call rate also known as broker loan rate. Here's what I know. It is posted daily in the Wall Street Journal and well as data terminals such as Bloomberg. What I need is details as to how the broker call rate/broker loan rate is determined and calcuated on.

Broker call rate

What is BROKER'S CALL? What does BROKER'S CALL mean? BROKER'S CALL meaning, definition & explanation

Broker call rate. Investrade has a tiered, low margin rate structure for all of our clients, and we do not use an arbitrary “base rate” when calculating your margin interest. Investrade uses the published Broker's Call Rate as the base rate when calculating margin interest rates. The Broker's Call Rate is published daily in The Wall Street Journal.

Broker call rate

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