Forex factory session indicator. Hello, Anyone willing to modify this indicator to add the US and London sessions? Other changes: 1) some logic to move the description text to either the top or bottom of the chart (depending where the bars on the chart are) instead of in the middle as it is currently. Or just simple the option to have  ?Sessions Indicator - Page 5 · ?Sessions Indicator - Page 2.

Forex factory session indicator

Asia - Europe - US Indicator for MT4

Forex factory session indicator. Hello! I'm looking for this indicator. I want it to be as simple as possible, just vertical lines, but I'd like those lines to get plotted for each day right away, without awaiting of the opening of each session. Anybody got such thing? Ignored. Here is the one I use, draws future lines also: Attached File. File Type: ex4.

Forex factory session indicator

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