Forex trend line ea. for some that still trade manually, trendline break outs is a simple but yet effective strategy. My first success was from using trendlines and fib ratio. This is a simple trendline Break out tool (EA) that i've been using since Late Instructions. Add to chart, draw a trendline, label trendline " buystop1" or  Make your trend lines execute your orders @ Forex Factory.

Forex trend line ea

How to use the Trendline Magic EA to automate Forex Trendline entries using simple Forex systems

Forex trend line ea. Aug 22, - Hi Steve, new guy here. If I come across as an idiot, that's because most of the time I am:D. I am not big on indicators and EAs, but a semi automatic EA would come in handy. It would basically give me an option to place a trend line on a chart, which I could name (BA,BB,SA and SB) and when the trend line.

Forex trend line ea

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