Maybank forex rates. Check out the latest exchange rates published by Bank Negara Malaysia, and get a quick exchange rate estimate, and see samples of Malaysia currency notes. The ringgit is CIMB Bank Currency Exchange Counter at klia2. CIMB Bank at klia2. RHB Currency Exchange Counter at klia2. RHB at klia2. MayBank at klia2.

Maybank forex rates

Maybank Forex Exchange Rate

Maybank forex rates. Currency, Selling TT / OD, Buying TT, Buying OD. 1 Australian Dollar, , , 1 Brunei Dollar, , , 1 Canadian Dollar, , , 1 Euro, , , 1 New Zealand Dollar, , , 1 Papua N Guinea Kina, NA, NA, 1 Singapore Dollar.

Maybank forex rates

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