Put call parity definition. In theory and in practice, the risk/return relationship between puts and calls on the same security should be identical. For example, a long call (i.e., an option purchase that assumes that the price will go up) has the same risk/return (and therefore, price) as a short put (i.e., an option purchase that assumes that the price will.

Put call parity definition

What is PUT-CALL PARITY? What does PUT-CALL PARITY mean? PUT-CALL PARITY meaning & explanation

Put call parity definition. Put-Call Parity As the name suggests, put-call parity establishes a relationship between put options and call options price. It is defined as a relationship between the prices of a European put options and calls options having same strike prices, expiry and underlying or we can define it as an equivalence relationship.

Put call parity definition

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