Spoutnik forex. trend are becoming RED COLOR. then Close and reverse. Entry short position rules: open trade when first bar from fisher in H1 and flat trend in H1 are becoming RED COLOR. SL TP: open. trailing stop: exit: when both bar fisher+ flat trend are green COLOR. then close and reverse. In the pictures Spoutnik forex.

Spoutnik forex

? SPOUTNIKH1V1.1 = 600 PIPS A WEEK (per currency) Forex Expert Advisor

Spoutnik forex. Jul 16, - Hello James, My favourite time frame is h4 and entry m If you use sl i tp please try this indicator (support and resistance indicator) or any fibo indicator you can find it "my favourite indicators". Attached Files. antiege.org4 ( KB, 1 view). Automated Forex Signals provider by wwi traders.

Spoutnik forex

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