Cboe put write index etf. Feb 24, - CBOE S&P PutWrite Index ETF Tracker. This index seeks to track the performance of a collateralized put write strategy on the S&P Index. The fund will write at-the-money monthly put options on the index and collect the premiums from doing so. As of 12/27/

Cboe put write index etf

Bitcoin futures launch could revive etf push, cboe says

Cboe put write index etf. Mar 22, - New Put Writing ETF. On February 24, WisdomTree (NASDAQ:WETF) launched an ETF that tracks the CBOE S&P PutWrite Index, which itself tracks the value of a cash-secured strategy selling S&P puts and investing the proceeds in one- and three-month Treasury bills. The WisdomTree CBOE.

Cboe put write index etf

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