Dukascopy forex pairs volatility. May 6, - Simply, the volatility of an instrument, whether it an FX pair or the price of gold is its tendency to change in price over time. So in its simplest form you can look at the Average True Range (ATR) of a currency pair to see its recent volatility. Calculated as the (High price - Low price) this can give a broad view of.

Dukascopy forex pairs volatility

'Most Volatile Currency'

Dukascopy forex pairs volatility. Apr 2, - The first step in the article I would like to remind that the volatility of the currency pair to a large extent affect the amount of profit earned by the trader in one trading session, for this reason, if you want a good idea to raise this figure, then trading is necessary to select the most volatile currency pairs.

Dukascopy forex pairs volatility

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