Up and out put option formula. (a) An up-and-out barrier Put option is identical to a European Vanilla. Put, save for the fact that if any time during the life of the option the asset price exceeds the barrier B, the option instantly for a particular up-and-out Put B?E. Show that if. U(S,t) satisfies the Black-Scholes equation and V is defined by. U(S, t) = SnV (?, t).

Up and out put option formula

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Up and out put option formula. proven to be effective in the pricing of plain vanilla call and put options (see e.g. [3], [5] and. [23]). We also extend the options, namely up- and-in (UI), up-and-out (UO), down-and-in (DI) and down-and-out (DO) call options. . component, so that the total drift of the process, as required for risk-neutral valuation, remains.

Up and out put option formula

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