What is the exercise price of a stock option. Nov 20, - It is worthwhile to do so if the underlying stock is trading above $ In this case, you can also sell the call for a profit. The profit is approximately the difference between the underlying stock price and the strike price. Alternatively, you can "exercise" your option and buy the stock at $10, even if it is trading at.

What is the exercise price of a stock option

Exercise Price Basics for Startup Stock Options - Stock Option Counsel, P.C.

What is the exercise price of a stock option. Mar 13, - The second reason is if the current stock price is lower than the strike price, which is the price that your option allows you to buy it at. For example, if the current stock price is $75 per share and your strike price is $50 per share, then by exercising your option you can buy the shares at $50 and immediately.

What is the exercise price of a stock option

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