Forex tick data feed. Apr 26, - hi sir any advice for the best tick datafeed for forex to be used as substitute for volume? i need enough historical tick data (like months) to use it for delta/cd. datafeed must be compatible with nt8, has enough historical tick data, accurate unfiltered clean non-manipulated honest.. most important to have  Kinetick and IB Forex data feed.

Forex tick data feed

Which market data provider to use which broker for Forex Yahoo Finance real time tick data

Forex tick data feed. The data that feeds TrueFX comes from real market participants that are part of Integral's FX Grid®. FX Grid is a global inter-institutional connectivity and trading network, linking market making banks and major financial institutions. TrueFX is an aggregated liquidity stream from multiple sources, including the largest financial.

Forex tick data feed

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