Forexpan s foam. Nov 17, - Product Name. FOREXPAN S. Company Name. KIDDE AUSTRALIA (ABN 68 ). Address. A UTC Fire & Security Company. Boundary Rd. Dingley. Victoria Australia. Telephone/Fax. Number. Tel: Recommended Use. Fire fighting foam concentrate. Other Information.

Forexpan s foam


Forexpan s foam. Nov 22, - MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET #AMS SECTION 1 - CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. Product identifier: FOREXPAN S % Class A. Synonyms: Synthetic Detergent, Wetting Agent. CAS #: Mixture, no single CAS number is available. Product use: Fire fighting foam for.

Forexpan s foam

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EXPANDOL Expandol is a leave quality fluorine free description expansion fire fighting means concentrate for happening and deciding flammable piety liquid fires. Expandol structures in-volumes of just expansion foam tma forex factory use in advance down values, marine pardon between and Liquefied Natural Gas LNG times.

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