What do you call putting a dog to sleep. Mar 7, - How do I say "I had to put my dog down," or "put my dog to sleep." The translator Hi, jgoimarac. The best phrase is "tuve que sacrificar a mi perro", meaning you killed your dog, because of your dog was so ill. You've gotten your answer, but I just wanted to send my condolences about your dog. It's never.

What do you call putting a dog to sleep

Help your Puppy go to Sleep at Night, with this 7 HOUR Song! Relax My Dog!

What do you call putting a dog to sleep. Most of the factors around aging and death are beyond our control, but the one thing you are able to do for your dog is alleviate undue pain and suffering. . on doggy dialysis that last months of their lives they were both REALLY EASY to make the call as both of those were so very bad off by the time I had them put down.

What do you call putting a dog to sleep

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