What does it mean to put a player on waivers. After the trade deadline, teams can place players who are on the 40 man roster on trade waivers. Which means the other 29 teams have a chance to claim him to be put on their own 40 man roster. Though teams, such as in your case, can bring the player back from waivers, if claimed. The reason teams.

What does it mean to put a player on waivers

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What does it mean to put a player on waivers. Jan 6, - It's a system that is used to send a player down to the AHL from the NHL (and maybe to the ECHL from the AHL?). Basically, some players (who have played long enough) are put on waivers for them to get sent down. The waivers allows ANY OTHER TEAM i 4 Answers - What do NBA players do if they are waived.

What does it mean to put a player on waivers

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