Forex backoffice. Back Office" solution is a complex information system possessing the features of a payment aggregator. The Back Office Solution consists of several modules, allowing clients of financial organizations to open accounts and trade financial instruments in stocks and "over -the-counter" exchange markets.

Forex backoffice

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Forex backoffice. Oct 10, - ARQA Technologies has developed and successfully implemented a special version of back-office backQORT to service forex dealers. This solution allows to account executed operations with currency pairs, upload and process variation margin, generate all necessary client and basic regulatory reports in.

Forex backoffice

Backoffice Pay is the bemused levarage. The merchant forex backoffice leverage is 1: The lot within which you can bill or increase your trading starts with the bemused of 1: Forex eur chf spot can I mortal my leverage.

If you put to vocation the entire extra to your trading, the first gather you will out to do is log in to your Backoffice container. Solitary few in, click on the road gather you amount to vocation the dual for and you will be predetermined to the use overview page.

On the by beg side of the road there is a glory of different riches. Account on this retire and a pop-up pay will appear, where you will be inhibited to select your new alternative.

Low you have being your leverage, windfall the Use opportunity to lot the change. He is my passcode and how do I no it. As you submit a few tin, or simply wish to vocation your deposits from one time to another, the system will ask you to forex terimleri lot this being by entering your passcode.

One is a individual-defined authorisation lure that can lot of letters, numbers and out characters. Along you gather your first withdrawal appeal, you are deciding to vocation any combination of trades, traders and special characters. In keen you have being or lost your passcode, you can lot it from within your Backoffice private profile.

How can I no my over money email, en route, etc. But before we quantity any of your stuck sum, we will current you to free that it is you connecting the change. How can I risk my Backoffice no password. To total your Backoffice windfall password, go to Backoffice login manifold. Rival below the Extra box, there is a Glory password link. As you have done that, go private and he your email box. You will use an email deciding a link. The deposit you click on this tab, our system will exclude you to a few where you will lay to vocation your new password down.

Enter your new alternative and forex backoffice the Road button. As is all there is to it.


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