Forex hacked vs fap turbo. Feb 11, - hello, just i let u know that i m working with differents robots, and the best ones are: Forex Hacked, Pip Brains y Fap Turbo 50 (only long term M1) and the new Fap turbo Flash (only for customers of Fap Turbo) the Fap Turbo Scalping system can be profitable but has maybe one or two trades with a lot of loss.

Forex hacked vs fap turbo

For EURUSD currency pair fap turbo power is best forex robot / EA / Expert Advisor

Forex hacked vs fap turbo. That's also why I'm very hesitant to buy an EA like Forex Hacked or Forex Legend. My leverage is , I can't hedge, and I DO NOT AT ALL like any kind of martingale strategy. So, knowing that, what EA (if any) would you suggest? Fap Turbo like I posted earlier has made me more profit than any other EA I have tried to.

Forex hacked vs fap turbo

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