Forex mini vs micro account. What is the difference beteween a mini and micro account? I have heard that the mini is a 10K account while the micro is a 1K account? But what does this really mean? and which fx brokers offers the micro account?Lot sizes: standard, mini and micro HELP!

Forex mini vs micro account

Forex Live/Real Account Trading with 0.01 Micro Lot - Account Managing Service

Forex mini vs micro account. Hi! In financial literature it is widely suggested, that " you have at least $, of trading capital before opening a “standard account”, $10, for a “mini account”, or $1, for a “micro account”. I wonder if this also applies to "real life" situations? I've read somewhere on this forum (I believe it was written  Mini Account vs Micro Account @ Forex Factory.

Forex mini vs micro account

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