Macd settings for short term trading. Mar 24, - I'm a big fan of MACD for longer-term position trading and find that with my own parameters it works very well for me for strong trending stocks. I bought Appel's book (Appel being the guy who 'invented' MACD), and he recommends 9/16/6 for people wanting to use it for shorter cycles, although I haven't.

Macd settings for short term trading

Learn To Use MACD For Better Swing Trading

Macd settings for short term trading. 12, 26, 9 is the default for the MACD in eSignal. I was wondering if anyone found a different setting used for short term trading, 1,3 or 5 minute charts. I saw someone used 20,43, 15 for the MACD settings for 1 or 3 minute scalping. why is that? also, if anyone could give me some reason as to why they use.

Macd settings for short term trading

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