Margin call jeremy irons visa. Jan 11, - TO LEICESTER Square for the premiere of Margin Call, the film set in the last days of an over-leveraged investment bank that has “no relation” to any actual financial institution that went to the wall in Just as well – because Jeremy Irons, who plays the bank's pragmatic CEO John Tuld, would have had.

Margin call jeremy irons visa

Margin Call (4/9) Movie CLIP - Be First, Be Smarter or Cheat (2011) HD

Margin call jeremy irons visa. Jan 14, - Irons revealed that the 'Jeremy Irons VISA Miracle Team' who appeared in the credits were the people responsible for getting his working VISA at incredibly short notice, therefore allowing him to take part in the film. I asked about Zach's role of producer and how he reconciled it with the acting role on set.

Margin call jeremy irons visa

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