Powershell start process waitforexit timeout. Dec 3, - echo do somthing at start:start_test::wait ~6s -1s = 5s::you can use TIMEOUT 5 call:sleep 6 wmic process where name="antiege.org" get name |find powershell -command "gps 'gta5','gtavlauncher','subprocess'|%{$antiege.orgrExit()}". Once the processes exit, PowerShell will exit and return control to.

Powershell start process waitforexit timeout

Launching Remote Process with PowerShell

Powershell start process waitforexit timeout. Nov 18, - Start(); 41 42 String Output = ""; 43 String Error = ""; 44 try 45 { 46 Output = antiege.orgEnd(); 47 Error = antiege.orgEnd(); 48 } 49 catch 50 { 51 Output = "Can't read stdout"; 52 Error = "Can't read stderr"; 53 } 54 55 antiege.orgrExit(Timeout); 56 57 int Exit = 0;.

Powershell start process waitforexit timeout

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