Put option volga. 7, volatility (annualized), %, Put Price = , % 9, foreign interest rate (annualized), %, The option prices and values associated with the specific amounts have the same units as the exchange rate. 22, Vanna, , , Derivative of delta wrt volatility, , , per change in Vol of 1% p.a..

Put option volga

Plot LTP, Volatility, Greeks, Open Interest, Butterfly & Straddle in VolGraph

Put option volga. Volga. Volga represents the sensitivity of vega to a change in the volatility. Denoting by P the option price and by ? the (possibly implied) volatility, volga is The interest of volga is to measure the convexity of an option with respect to volatility. The figure shows that call options are more sensitive to the volatility of volatility.

Put option volga

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