Rimm put call ratio. However, option players have yet to capitulate to the stock's downtrend, as evidenced by RIMM's Schaeffer's put/call open interest ratio (SOIR) of , which reveals that calls outnumber puts among options set to expire in the next three months. This ratio ranks in the 34th annual percentile, as short-term traders have been.

Rimm put call ratio

What is Put Call Ratio in stock and how to earn money using it [Hindi]

Rimm put call ratio. Sep 25, - Housing prices were a buoy early in the session but I want to keep an eye on the put/call ratio, specifically the Retail put/call. Research In Motion (RIMM) is up 17 cents to $ in active trading of more than 12 million shares and seeing active trading during the company's Blackberry 10 Jam event.

Rimm put call ratio

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