Citigroup sells a call option on euros. Adding in the 4? call premium it received gives Citigroup a net profit of 2? per euro on the call option for a total gain of/ At that futures price (/. Citigroup sells a call option on euros (contract size is If VW had not hedged its import contract exceeds the exercise price of $/. This contrasts.

Citigroup sells a call option on euros

Citi: Employer of Choice

Citigroup sells a call option on euros. million with hedging (5,,) and the cost without hedging (5,,). 5. Citigroup sells a call option on euros (contract size is ,) at a premium of $ per euro. If the exercise price is $ and the spot price of the euro at expiration is $, what is. Citigroup's profit (loss) on the call option? ANSWER.

Citigroup sells a call option on euros

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