Financial treasury and forex management new syllabus pdf. (Old Syllabus). Professional Programme. (Old Syllabus). Executive Programme. (New Syllabus). Professional Programme. (New Syllabus). Monday. General Management and Due Diligence. (Module – I). Wednesday. Tax Laws (Module-I). Financial, Treasury and Forex. Management (Module-II).

Financial treasury and forex management new syllabus pdf

Financial, Treasury and Forex Management by Abhishek Mittal

Financial treasury and forex management new syllabus pdf. antiege.orgee, Financial Policy & Management Accounting,PHI, New Delhi World Financial Environment: Foreign Exchange Market Mechanism, Exchange Rate .. MBA (BANKING & FINANCIAL SERVICES). 3RD SEMESTER. SYLLABUS. Paper–I: BUSINESS POLICY AND STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT. Objective: to.

Financial treasury and forex management new syllabus pdf

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