Put tool options back toolbox gimp. Sep 15, - There are two possible solutions I can see: If the GIMP session is still open, restore the toolbox you just closed by going to Windows -> Recently Closed Docks, and it should be there in the list. Windows -> Recently Closed Docks -> Toolbox - Tool Options. Otherwise, go to Edit -> Preferences in the Window.

Put tool options back toolbox gimp

How To Dock The Tool Options Menu To The Toolbox In Gimp

Put tool options back toolbox gimp. Jul 8, - I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling GIMP. I have re- downloaded version and reinstalled that. I can double click on a tool and the Tool Options window for that tool pops up in another box, but that box cannot be docked to the Toolbox window eihter. How do I get the tab, the icons, the additional.

Put tool options back toolbox gimp

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