How to put options in excel. Jan 24, - How to Hide Worksheets/Tabs and Entire Workbooks in Excel. Follow this process to add drop-down lists to other cells as needed. You can use the same list for multiple drop-down lists. If you have many drop-down lists you need to add on a worksheet, you may want to put the lists of options on another.

How to put options in excel

How to Insert a Scrollbar in Excel : Basics of Microsoft Excel

How to put options in excel. Sep 24, - Enter the list items and choose the options for your Excel dropdown. Instead of using a regular named range, you can convert your data to a fully functional Excel table (Insert > Table or Ctrl + T), and then create a data In step 2, when creating a name, you put the following formula in the Refers to box.

How to put options in excel

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