Open high low close forex converter. EUR USD: Get all information on the Euro to United States Dollar Exchange Rate including Charts, News and Realtime Price. Dollar - Price (EUR - USD). Trade Time. AM. Daily High. Trade Date. 12/26/ Daily Low. Open. week High. Prev. Close. week Low.

Open high low close forex converter

Bar Chart Introduction - Open High Low Close (OHLC), Range, Uptrends, Downtrends

Open high low close forex converter. Real-Time FX Rates: Currency Pair Symbol, UTC Date and Time, Quote Type (Spot/Calculated), Mid-Rate, Bid, Bid Time, Ask, Ask Time, Spread; Historical FX Rates: Currency Pair Symbol, UTC Date and Time, Open, High, Low, Close, Period average - summarized at Daily, Weekly, Quarterly and Yearly periods; Forward.

Open high low close forex converter

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