Paxforex live server. Type your Metatrader Account Login into the "Login" “em ? E l d ; 1 Server: [garForex-tive Server v o -- Save account information. - Type your Forex Tradlng Account Password Into the _ _. "Password" ?eld; we“ II we. - In the ?eld Server choose: ' ' “. PaxForex Demo Server - for Demo Accounts. PaxForex Live Server — for.

Paxforex live server

Basic tutorial of the Forex MetaTrader 4 Platform (Part 1)---The very beginning-Part 1

Paxforex live server. Under the SERVER tab, select CHANGE. MT4 server. 3. Input the current password in: “Current Password” text field. 4. Select ”Change master password” if it is not checked already. 5. Input the new password in: “New Password” text field. 6. Re-type the new password in the second “Confirm” text field, then click OK.

Paxforex live server

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