Financial treasury and forex management theory notes. Feb 1, - Following are the notes of professional programme cs. PAPER 3: FINANCIAL, TREASURY AND FOREX MANAGEMENT. Level of knowledge: Expert antiege.orgives:(i) To provide conceptual clarity about the management tools Portfolio theory traditional approach; modern approach.

Financial treasury and forex management theory notes

Sanjay Saraf Sir Lecture on Treasury & Forex Management For Cs Professional

Financial treasury and forex management theory notes. NOTE: 1. Answer FIVE Questions including Question No.1 which is compulsory. All working notes should be shown distinctly. 2. Tables showing the present value of down value at the end of year 5. Applicable tax rate.: 40%. Time horizon.: 5 years. Post-tax cut-off rate.: 12%. Financial, Treasury and Forex. Management.

Financial treasury and forex management theory notes

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