Forex gold price prediction. Nov 22, - We were recently asked to comment on Harry Dent's predictions for the Gold market and we thought that our reply might benefit other gold investors as well. To be precise, we were asked about Harry Dent's year cycle that supposedly peaked in , and we supposedly could expect gold to peak again.

Forex gold price prediction

JAMES RICKARDS ALERT! The Gold Price Forecast 2018 & Next 10 Years

Forex gold price prediction. Dec 22, - The repatriation of funds is not an issue for gold bulls as the greenback won't find fresh bids if the "dollars" held outside US (offshore) and merely brought onshore, i.e. the actual FX conversion (to USD) could be very small, given 50 percent to 80 percent of the overseas cash is held in USD. However, Fed's.

Forex gold price prediction

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