Forex hkd to usd. 12/25/, Monday, HKD, USD HKD rate for 12/25/ 12/24/, Sunday, HKD, USD HKD rate for 12/24/ 12/22/, Friday, HKD, USD HKD rate for 12/22/ 12/21/, Thursday, HKD, USD HKD rate for 12/21/ 12/20/, Wednesday, HKD, USD HKD.

Forex hkd to usd

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Forex hkd to usd. This page shows the historical data for Hong Kong Dollar(HKD) To United States Dollar(USD) From Sunday 03/12/ To Monday 25/12/ With the history chart of this currency pairs you can review market history and analyze rate trends. Would you like to invert the currencies pairs? Please visit United States.

Forex hkd to usd

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