Put a feather in your cap and call it macaroni. What's the deal with Yankee Doodle Dandy and macaroni? Vox's Phil Edwards explains. Follow Phil.

Put a feather in your cap and call it macaroni

Yankee Doodle Kids Tv Nursery Rhymes S01EP115

Put a feather in your cap and call it macaroni. Full version of Yankee Doodle: Yankee Doodle went to town. A-riding on a pony, Stuck a feather in his cap. And called it macaroni'. Chorus: Yankee Doodle keep it up, Yankee Doodle dandy, Mind the music and the step, And with the girls be handy. Fath'r and I went down to camp, Along with Captain Gooding, And there we.

Put a feather in your cap and call it macaroni

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