Sell nifty put option. Aug 15, - Similarly, when one expects markets to fall he buys a put option. If the Nifty rises, a call buyer makes money. If it falls, a put buyer gains at the expense of the seller. However, if markets do not move much, an option trader sells and pockets the premium. Traders make a killing by selling Nifty options.

Sell nifty put option

Buying Options vs Selling Options

Sell nifty put option. If the premium for this contract is Rs 10 per unit, you will have to pay up Rs 1, for the Nifty put option ( units x Rs 10 per unit). So, if the index remains above your strike price of 5,, you would not really benefit from selling at a lower level. For this reason, you would chose to not exercise your option. You just lose.

Sell nifty put option

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