What do you call two songs put together. Apr 5, - It's a mashup, which is two or three songs mixed together to create one song. it wouldn't be remix, because that's when they take a song and add effects and other parts to it, although remixing can include little parts of other songs. medley is like a mashup, but instead of 2 or 3 songs, it has alot more songs.

What do you call two songs put together

FULL SONG: The Fall Of Jake Paul (Official Video) FEAT. Why Don't We

What do you call two songs put together. A hidden track can mean: a track that is not A sequence of several songs played one after the other, each one modified so that they blend together into a continuous flow of music. Common A mash-up differs from a DJ mix in that two or more songs are playing simultaneously, rather than one after the other. In general, in  ?Glossary · ?Mix terminology.

What do you call two songs put together

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