What is put on waivers mean. Dec 16, - If a team sends a player to their farm team, every other NHL team has a chance to sign that player before he goes to the AHL. Example: Team wants to send Joe Smith to the minors (AHL). Joe Smith now has to be put "on waivers" and the 29 other NHL teams now have a chance to sign him. If nobody signs.

What is put on waivers mean

What is FELONY WAIVER? What does FELONY WAIVER mean? FELONY WAIVER meaning & explanation

What is put on waivers mean. Nov 26, - An in-depth look at the NHL's waiver rules. When a player is placed on waivers, all 29 other clubs now have an opportunity to submit a claim on that player. . However, for players older than 20 years of age, the definition expands to include AHL regular season and playoff games, as well as any other.

What is put on waivers mean

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